Joanie Clark Music

Piano and Voice Instruction

Joanie Clark has done an incredible job working with our daughter.  She has taught her so much musically, pushed her when she needed pushing, and always encouraged her. She has grown not only as a musician, but as a Christian as well.
                               Nancy O.

"I have two daughters who take piano and voice lessons from Joanie Clark, 1 for 6 yrs and the other for 3 yrs. Both my daughters adore her. She not only provides them with a top-notch musical education, she encourages them to be disciplined and organized, which helps them in all other areas of their lives. All this she accomplishes with a loving hand -- a strong female, Christian influence in my daughters' lives. Can we ever have enough?"
                                              Pam L

Mrs. Joanie is such an amazing teacher.  She has helped me achieve each of my goals.  She never lets me quit and encourages me every time I get down on myself.  She keeps me looking forward to another week.  She has been such a blessing in my life!

"Joanie is an incredible teacher! She has helped guide me in reaching my full potential in music. She has been very encouraging and has helped me be the best I can be.  She is also a wonderful christian woman who expresses her Christ-like attitude through her love for music and teaching!"

My whole family loves Joanie and the way she teaches piano to me so well.  I have been taking lessons from her for six years and don't plan on quitting any time soon.  No matter how much you did or didn't practice in between lessons, Joanie always seems to understand.  That patience helps me and everyone else taking lessons from her stay encouraged and keep a renewed sense of dedication.  Joanie is a great Christian person, and if anyone is wanting to take piano or singing lessons, I recommend her completely. 


                                                      Alec G